Glasses Repair and Replacement

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Glasses repair
Available 7 days a week

Glasses repair from just £15
Call to arrange an appointment 8:30 – 17:30

Forsight Opticians has
repairing glasses
for over 20 years!

Glasses repair from just £15
Call to arrange an appointment 8:30 – 17:30

Based in Blackwater, Hampshire, we’ve been repairing glasses at Forsight Opticians since the 1980s! We’ve built a strong reputation for providing a high quality glasses repair service for our customers.

We repair most glasses at our Opticians in Blackwater meaning you are only without your glasses for a short time. We can also offer replacement glasses.

If you are within an 8 mile radius of Blackwater and self isolating, vulnerable, or just can’t travel we can come to you! We’ll evaluate your glasses on your doorstep, take them to our Opticians in Blackwater for repair, and return them to you!

Your local optician
Available 7 days a week

How we repair your glasses

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How long will repairing my glasses take?​

Same Day

2-3 Working Days

7 Days

Straightening Glasses
Replacing Glasses Frames
Replacing Glasses Sides
Soldering (material and location dependent)
Complete single vision replacement
Replacing lenses in old frame
Varifocal Glasses
Bifocal Glasses

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